Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things they say

Welcome to another round of crazy things my boys' say...

C:  You can't talk during silent reading.  You can breathe though.

(at lunch)
L:  Yuck mommy I smell that salad. 
      (and another time)  Don't sit next to me I don't like your food.  (I was eating a banana)

C:  So a little girl in Connor's class wants him to meet her mom. His answer was I just don't think I can do it.

Me:  I spy something yellow.
L:  Is it blue?

L:  I helped Jake fight the evil emperor Zurg and killed him.  Kachow!

(While playing guess the movie game)
Reilly:  Is it real ppl or animated?
M:  It's laminated.

C:  I know cause its in my brain.  My brain tells me everything.

C:  Did you know H has four girlfriends?

L:  Aye aye master mommy.

L:  Angels we have heard on hive.

L:  George doesn't wear underwear he's just naked booty.

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