Friday, January 16, 2015

phone pic friday

and now a random collection of pictures...

I moved the antique piano I have yet to finish refinishing into the house so that Micah wouldn't have to practice in a below freezing garage.  It's much warmer but much louder during practice time.

Zach and I decided to be real grownups this winter and buy a load of firewood instead of buying individual bags at the grocery store whenever we went.  Yay for our first fire!

This is just downright miraculous!

 Micah worked really hard on a science project this week.  They have been studying the solar system.  I'll share more details soon because he was just so darn cute getting it together.

One of my awesome friends from church had a friend who sent her three license plates for me!!  Woo hoo!!  Almost half way there!

I changed the artwork on my chalkboard (copied straight off pinterest) and added a definition at the bottom.  I'm planning to slowly go through all the fruit of the spirit with the boys.  The goal is to memorize the verse, learn what they each mean individually and ways to show them to others.

Micah is super into comics right now so Other Zach surprised him with the best ever, Calving and Hobbes!

I finally hung something in our kitchen!  This is an awesome calendar Zach bought me for Christmas.  Each month has a different hymn on it and January is my fave!  Honestly though they all are amazing and warm my heart because they bring me back to RUF and the great memories there.

Connor making it rain at bball practice.

Logan and I made an impulse decision after Crossfit this week to go to Hobby Lobby and buy him a treasure chest.  Or treasha chest as he says.  He painted it all by himself and has been toting it around everywhere!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 4 am feeling like crap.  I stayed in bed almost all day while Zach took the boys to school and took care of Logan.  I used the time as a mini little spiritual retreat and caught up on some writing, studying and reading.  This book was suggested to our entire congregation from our session.  We are having a discussion on in this Sunday night.  I can not say enough about this book.  I have LOVED it.  When you open my copy you will see massive amounts of underlining and margin notes and I know when I re read more will pop out. 

Today we had our first sunshine and blue skies in over a week.  It was glorious!

Zach and I won a food battle against one of our boys tonight.  The culprit was this ridiculously small amount of broccoli which just so happens to be this child's favorite vegetable.  Oh the drama.

Zach chose one of his childhood favorites for movie night tonight.  The Pistol.  It's all about basketball legend Pistol Pete and his first year playing in middle school. 

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