Monday, January 19, 2015


My kids go through phases of which of their toys they are super into.  The obsession lasts for a week or two then dies down as they move on to something else and then will circle back around eventually.  It took my awhile and a couple hard lessons to learn this.  The Potato Head drama of 2011 will never be repeated.  I kind of thought they were over them since they hadn't played with them in a couple months so I gave them away only a few weeks later to have to deal with tears because their beloved heads were gone.  Since then I've been much more observant before my purging of toys.

There has been a large amount of castle, fort, bad guy jails, cities, etc being built recently.  They never stand for long because Logan does live here but they are always so cool and much much more creative than I can ever think of building something.  I just love seeing what they come up with.


  1. Master Builders! I can totally picture the Potato Head scenario. I try to keep the toys on a rotation so that they don't just get bored of them and end up in a jumbled up mess in the toy bin. I still have to sort and reorganize everything every few months because I don't always stay on top of it.

    1. I'm a little OCD when it comes to organizing. They don't have a ton but what they do have goes in separate labeled boxes so that (in theory) when they want to play with a specific thing they only have to get that out. Sometimes it works and when it doesn't at least we know what box it goes back into!!


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