Tuesday, August 30, 2011

crafting and catapults

Since Micah has started going to pre K every morning for school I've missed him. It's strange having him not here which just means Kindergarten next year might put me in some kind of miniature depressive state ;) Of course there will be a 9 month old around to take up a lot of time so maybe it won't be all bad. Anyway, on the days that Connor goes to school also I make sure Micah and I have a fun one on one activity to do together. I had gone to Michaels this morning and found some cool wooden models to paint and put together so today he painted what would become a catapult while I sat with him and made magnet letters to mark their 'school' stuff. We just sat and talked and had the best time :)

Crafts In Progress

Catapult in action

Our 'school' magnets

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