Monday, August 1, 2011

summer celebration

As a wrap up to our Backyard Bible Club we through a Summer Celebration Party at CCC on the following Sunday afternoon. We invited all of our BBC attendees plus passed out flyers to nearby businesses and apartment buildings. There was an AWESOME turnout. We had carnival style games, a big inflatable, plenty of free food and drinks, and lots of people to fellowship with. I was overwhelmed with how God can use fun to further His Kingdom. There were smiles all around and one little boy told our Pastor that he felt 'so special' here because people were so nice and wanted to give him things and help him have fun. YES!!!

bag decorating to carry their loot

face painting by Steph

this little girl wanted a veterinarian on her cheek!

sand bracelets
balloon animals

food and fellowship in the AC

inflatable slide

ring toss

Go fish!

Photo Booth (their pic turned out soooo cute!)

Bag full of candy prizes from cornhole

Hot shot

Again working with the people from my church is just such a blessing!! I am beyond grateful God led us to Christ C0mmunity!

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