Monday, July 15, 2013

lee side reunion

We spent the last weekend with Zach's family, specifically his mom's side, for a family reunion.  They are all such wonderfully, fun people and we had a great time.  We met up at Ridge Haven for Friday afternoon through Sunday morning.  

We hung out at the lake, did the low ropes courses and other activities, ate, sang, talked, shared, laughed, swam in the lake and wrestled in the mud.  Yeah seriously!  It was one of those weekends where it was happily exhausting and one you want to repeat more than just once a year or two.

The kids found a snail on top of a stone tower.  They were very impressed with his climbing skills!

Good job, good buddy.

Oldest two cousins/grandchildren.  On the May side.  Leah is a hugger and Micah put up with the attention :)  

Oldest children of the three Oldest Mays.  Little Zach, Little Jess and Little Katie.

There was an obstacle course that was pretty challenging.
Micah and Connor got through the whole thing (with assistance)

Good ol' Uncle Andrew!  So thankful for awesome Aunts and Uncles for my boys.

Playing peanut butter.  The object is to fit as many people on the platform as possible.  Girls vs. Guys.  Girls kicked tail.

It was tricky.

Posing in his mud clothes.  The shortest shorts I've ever seen him wear.

Logi bear enjoyed LOTS of snacks on the field.

There was some kid tug of war

Then there was the giant mud pit.  They played a game called steal the bacon.  Each team had an even number of players and each playered was numbered.  The guide through an inter tube in the middle and called a number and whoever got it back to their side won a point but getting it to your side wasn't that easy.

This one didn't get to play the game but he loved the pre game mud time

Zach and Jered

Not many people can grin through this.

Carpio had no issues dragging his wife through the mud to win a point.  

Andrew and Tony

add in Maryann

Father son match up between Steve and Elijah and Howard and John.  

I'm pretty confident the boys spared no mercy when dragging their fathers to the ground.

Logan was not bothered one bit.

Three in a kayak

The water was FREEZING!!!

Nana and Poppy with their 8 grandchildren.  It'll be nine by the end of October.

We ended the last night around the campfire roasting marshmallows and singing.

Yep, Happily Exhausting :)

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  1. That picture of Micah, Leah, and Elodie is so precious! And the one of Jered grinning like a schoolboy while wrestling Zach in the mud is priceless!