Friday, July 5, 2013

romania: day 2

Sunday, June 23rd

Overall today was pretty relaxed.  We had church here at the discipleship center this morning instead of going to their Romanian church.  Zach, Kiley and Steph led music and we watched a Louie Giglio sermon on DVD.  After lunch we got an official view of the property.  They recently bought land with an old home on it near the land they already own but haven't decided for sure what they are going to do with it.

After sorting through the tons of supplies we brought for the ministry and the kids and the activities we are in charge of this week we packed, PACKED, into 3 vans and headed to the minor center that they work with.  These kids have been taken off the streets because of stealing, prostitution and other illegal activities. 

 It was hard and not my favorite which I feel guilty even saying. I kept getting frustrated with myself thinking that I should be enjoying just being able to help in someway but it didn't work.  Teenagers are not my strong suit and when you add in a different language and the fact that they are rough kids it just made it harder.

I realize we all have different strengths and that God places hurts on our heart for different people and groups so I'm trying to remember that.

There were two younger boys Alan (pronounced Aleen) and another who name I don't know who asked me to play "Monkey in the middle" with them.  I was horrid but it was pretty fun until one of the older guys and, shall we say at the top of the food chain, came and took the ball away.  It wasn't until we got home that I was told who the guy was and figured out that he was hassling Alan who had just gotten to the minor center the week before.

There were also a few younger children from a maternity center next door who came out.  A little girl named Lucy was so cute but looked as if the light had gone our of her little 6 year old eyes.  She colored with chalk and watched the big boys play soccer.

We took all the kids who wanted to come inside to sing some songs, show them our lesson and skit and make a craft bracelet.  You could tell BIM has been working with them because they knew a lot of the story and had good responses to the questions.  Seeds are being planted by BIM on a weekly basis that is for sure.  I just pray for the watering and that God will grow some leaders out of the group so that this will be a place that can breed disciples and can change the lives and hearts of the kids who when they come in feel angry and hopeless.

** This is a government run facility and pictures are not allowed.

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