Friday, July 5, 2013

romania: day 5

Wednesday, June 26th

Halfway and I miss my babies like crazy.  All I want is to give them a huge hug and a kiss that I know two of them will wipe off and to love them and show them I love them and to tell them God loves them.  I have seen so many kids who just need to be loved.

Today definitely hyped up my thoughts about adoptions.  Boy or girl, I don't care, but there are so many kids who just need to be loved and cared for.

We had a morning of "work" in the still cold weather with lots of gardening, cleaning out and deconstructino of a "new" home they bought.  The guys definitely enjoyed manly time.  I also found that one of the Bruskis son in laws Kalep is from Geneva, AL and went to school with a girl I danced with which was pretty cool.

The kids in this village came today for their afterschool program for games, skits/lessons, and crafts.  School ended last week so there weren't as many as usual.  One of the boys who comes regularly was able to move into Matthew's Place today.  He had currently been living with a drunk father who was gone all the time.  Most nights he spent alone.  At age 12 he was already drinking and smoking because that is the only life he has ever known.

 Its really just heartbreaking when you know the stories behind it all, but it's exactly what I asked God to show me before we came.  I asked Him to let me see what He sees and hear what He hears.  I wanted to know the heart of the matter, I just didn't know what that would entail.

I like to live in a bubble of happiness and block out the evil and scariness of the world, but when you come down to it that is just naivity, ignorance and selfishness.  There is evil in this world.  Satan is real and has a real mission.  I always say I want to be a light in the darkness but I can't be a light in the darkness if I'm not in the dark!  This thought is rocking my head and my heart as I lay here in my bunk remembering the day.  It's so amazing what God shows us when we're really looking.

The most fun but most difficult thing today was going to the Adapost.  It's comperable to DHR or DFax in America. These kids were fun and smiling.  They were taken away from their families for many horrible circumstances and placed in the system, this refuge.  It is still a government facility but is one of the more positive places we've seen.  The only problem is they are only allowed there for 6 months.  If within that time they are not fostered or adopted they are sent to the orphanage where all manner of abuse, physical, mental and sexual, takes place.

The worst thing is that the orphanage is next door to them, just on the other side of the fence.  They can sit there and see their fate and there's nothing they can do about it.  Because of the extreme prejudice, very few gypsy children are fostered or adopted.  One of the big things one of the Bruski's daughters want to do is build foster homes so that these kids will have a place other than the orphanage to go to but until then how my heart breaks for these kids.

Lord God protect them all.  Till their needs, give them protection from abuse, change their hearts so they can break the cycle.  Show them how you defend the weak.  Show them where you are through your people.

*no pictures of Adapost because it is a government run facility

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