Friday, July 5, 2013

romania: day 4

Tuesday, June 25th

We woke up today to extremely cold temperatures.  We had been told over and over from the team last year that it was going to be HOT, like 100+ hot.  After checking the weather report we were grateful to see that it was supposed to be mid 80s.  Still shorts and tank weather but not roasting.  However, we were not at all prepared for 50s and raining, like NOT AT ALL!  Praise the Lord for a mission clothes closet on the top floor because we raided it for jeans, pants, and sweatshirts.  Don't worry though we didn't take it home.

Today ended with a very peaceful and joyful feeling.  After all the emotions yesterday it was welcomed.  Tuesday is the day that Aaron goes to visit some different widows in different villages.  Like all their ministries it started with just one person that God put in their path and that one helped lead to others.

Cornelia is a mother of 14.  6 of them still live at home.  She has a husband who is an alcoholic who abuses her when he drinks.  She has a heart for the Lord and great love for her kids but like any mom, worries and gets little time for herself.  For the first time during a visit from the Bruskis, all her kids had gone to town.  Instead of being there to play with them, we sang, talked and prayed with her.  She rejected two phone calls on her brand new phone during the visit because she didn't want to interrupt the time.  She asked for prayer for her kids to listen and specifically for one who is starting to follow in his father's footsteps.  We left her with many treats for the kids and some reading glasses and a romanian bible for her.

Maria was a precious older lady.  She has Parkinson's Disease and was feeling a little ill that day but still invited us in to  pray and sing with her as well.  She and her husband were the first couple Aaron ministered to and they have a very sweet friendship.  Her daughter was there as well.  She is a believer but her husband is Orthodox and not at all happy with her decision.

We drove to a village called Topa De Sus that was at the base of a mountain.  We visited a grandmother who watches her three grandchildren while their mother works at a shoe factory in Oradea.  They were so very shy and sweet but we got a few grins out of them during our visit.

The next house had 7 kids and an awesome rock star of a mom.  Their dad was at work.  We had such a fun fun fun time sharing our songs, skit and craft with them and then we placed some circle soccer.  The youngest child Danielle was oh so sweet and let me hold her baby chick.  They pay really close attention to all the bible lessons that are brought to them and breezed through all the answers to the questions.  I would live next door to that family if I could!

The last visit of the day was to Florica at the top of the mountain.  It was a slippery muddy path to the top but I enjoyed it a lot.  I love hiking and hiking on a rainy day with sheep, cows and pigs on the path was just a fun and cool experience.  Florica is known as the doughnut lady.  Every Tuesday she makes Aaron and whoever else he brings homemade doughnuts.  She did not make them today however because Aaron told her not to.  He didn't know what the weather would do and did not want her wasting was little she has on doughnuts that might not get eaten.  She was a fun, spunky lady.  Her small, humble home was about to get some renovations done on the walls so it was cleared out.  She shared some stories with us, through the translator, and showed us her garden.  The view from her home is magnificent so we all took pictures.  She photobombed a picture of me and Zach which was the funniest thing that happened on the trip.

We also had a big surprise when we got to the bottom of the mountain.  The grandmother of the three kids had made us doughnuts for when we got back down from the top of the mountain.  The were warm, sugary and delicious!!  We were so grateful for that wonderful show of hospitality!

The day held some difficult stories and some precious ones.  Our nightly worship meeting had some of us in tears yet again and caused your mind to keep going and going on all the new things, new people and reasons for what God is showing.

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