Thursday, July 18, 2013

legoland discovery center

Legoland Discovery Center opened about a year ago and we have been wanting to go since it opened.  We put it on our summer list and asked Leslie if she and the kids wanted to join us for a visit to check it out.

I am going to be positive in this post and not mention that there were 6+ daycare centers and/or church camps there all at the same time so it was insanely crowded.  I'm also not going to mention that the majority of children there, daycare or not, were being watched by absolutely no one and were therefore throwing legos, not cleaning up after anything they did, jumping on people, climbing up and then sliding down the ramp meant for the lego racecars.  I'm also not going to mention the hour long line that Leslie, Connor and Bella stood in to ride a ride or the 30+ minute line we stood in to ride the same thing.

So now that you know what I'm not going to say, I'll stick with the positive things and say that the kids noticed none of it and had a fun time and my two boys already want to go back.  The rides we waited for were fun and the miniland of Atlanta was super cool and had a lego Turner Field which of course Micah thought was amazing! I'll also say that our kids were rock stars and were such great listeners and pretty patient, including Logan.  We also got to check another thing off our summer list and that since I've already gotten to have this wonderful experience, next time it's their daddy's turn!

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