Monday, July 8, 2013


So when you leave the country for 8 days things you left either don't stop or don't get done.  I hit me hard in the middle of last week.  In fact in one of our email chains from our mission team I shared this...

And in the meantime over here I have been crying off and on for the past hour and a half about anything and everything.  I think exhaustion, mental pictures and typical frustrations just collided into a big storm of emotional craziness.

I feel like I've had to hit the ground running as soon as we got back due to kids and parents and getting the house ready for Donovan and a family funeral and a family newborn and everything else that doesn't stop while you're gone. 

None of the things I needed to do were bad or hard or anything else it was just that realization that things don't stop and my brain was no longer able to only concentrated on one place, it was time to get back to multi thinking.

Because of the different things I needed to get done for the other house and things needed to catch up on due to our time gone, there was lots of pick up around the house and lots of errands that got run.  However, due to exhaustion, jet lag and just the fact that I missed my babies there were lots of Curious George couch snuggles, movie watching, and fun outings mixed in with errands.

One was taking the boys to get ice cream in Olde Town Conyers after dropping off my mama bracelet to finally have Logan's charm put on.  Creamberry was closed so we hit up the drugstore for some $1 hot dogs and yummy milkshakes.  Then we walked around the little botanical garden and looked at the goldfish for a bit. I kept a firm grasp on Logan because I was fairly confident had I not he would have taken a swim!

p.s check out Connor's outfit that he definitely wore to Target while we picked out a birthday present and to the jewelry store before stopping to eat.

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