Thursday, August 20, 2015


After we closed on this beloved new home of ours lots of work was to be done before we could actually move in and use it as our everyday home.  Of course lots is still to be done now that we are here, but isn't that always the case.  The first day that Logan and I showed up to start out weeks of painting all the things we saw a little gray and white kitten on our porch.  Her ear was cut, her nose was a little bloody and she wasn't the biggest fan of us trying to pet her but she ate our offerings of chickfila waffle fries, crushed up scooby snacks and drank water from a ripped in half styrofoam cup found in the empty cabinets.

The next day went about the same way and the next and the next until we realized that somehow our home had been adopted by this little girl and we were going to have to take her or force her out.  Little by little she grew used to us and by the time we actually made the big move, Leia was officially ours, albeit outdoors only because of all the allergic people in our lives.  On my long list of summer to dos was written to take Leia to the vet to make sure more little Leias didn't start crowding the porch.  However, an overly busy summer and some miscalculations of age led to a discovery two weeks ago.

We had kittens!

Somehow this young mama had two kittens and kept them safe and hidden for over three weeks (more or less) around our home.  Zach found them under Connor's skateboard and all five of us were immediately smitten.  I mean seriously kittens are so stinking cute!  For the past two weeks we have been watching Leia care for her son and daughter and intervening only when she decided that another hiding place was necessary and carted them off to the across the street neighbor's garage.  

Just yesterday we decided that we will for sure keep one so the little black and white blue eyed boy is going to stay here with us and hopefully we will find a friendly home for the little Calico soon.  Until then we'll just oooh and ahhh over the cuteness and set up a vet appointment STAT!

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