Wednesday, August 26, 2015

thursday adventures: zoo day

Now that Logan is gone three mornings a week and I get a lot done during that time, Thursdays have been officially dubbed as adventure days.  The plan is to spend every Thursday out of the house doing something we wouldn't do everyday.  It might be just an hour or two or it might be all day.  It might be a long drive or just down the road.  The point is that my babiest baby isn't a baby any more and as my time being a full time SAHM is quite possibly coming to a close in the next year or two and as hard as it is I wouldn't trade it for anything and I want to soak it up!

Our first Thursday adventure was at Zoo Atlanta.  We woke up to a beautiful low 80s little humidity day which is pretty much unheard of for a Georgia August so we took advantage and headed to the zoo.  Every trip to the zoo is a new adventure in itself and we always see and experience different things.  Because school is back everywhere it was not crowded and the animals were loving the weather just as much as us so they were all out and enjoying the breezes.

On this trip...
*Logan ate up his being the only one there time.  The last time we took a just him trip to the zoo he was barely three and we were still pushing a stroller around needing a nap every day.  He was so excited to be walking without having to follow his brothers and having sole control of the map.
*Both elephants were out and we got to see one drinking water from their lake.  It then proceeded to turn around and use the bathroom right in front of us as well.  I'll just say race horses ain't got nothing on an elephant. Mercy!  Logan thought it was hilarious and it was the first thing he shared with M&C when we picked them up.
*All three lion brothers were awake and checking out their territory.
*Both rhinos were out AND walking around.
*when we were visiting the reptiles one of the alligators saw us walk up to the tank and swam straight over and stared at us right through the glass.  A little intimidating for sure!

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