Monday, August 3, 2015

zoo day

We spent the last couple weeks of our summer doing some major damage to our summer fun list.  I love that the boys all still love going to the zoo.  One day we will trade in our membership there to a different place they'll enjoy more as they get bigger but that's still a couple years off I hope!

Each time we go we experience and learn different things.  

On this trip...

*Logan was super into the African animals because he finally watched The Lion King.
*the three brother lions were all taking a nap.  Two were in the cave and one was on top of the rock.  The one on top woke up, walked down to the cave, laid on top of both of his brothers and then fell back asleep.
*we saw people feeding the giraffes and saw one really close up.  His face was very bumpy.
*We went into the Scaly Slimy Spectacular and it was fantastic!  The alligators were our favorite.
*Micah is tall enough to ride the train by himself which is good because his younger brothers wanted to ride the carousel instead.  Boo for me because Mama loves the train!
*the splash pad feels AMAZING after walking around the zoo for four hours in 95 degree temps.

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