Friday, August 7, 2015

phone pic friday

All boys have gotten really into playing with the lego sets.  As in not just building with them but playing with them.  It stresses me out slightly that they are going to break them, lose the pieces and those expensive "toys" will be ruined forever.  So far the biggest issue is that none of the star wars lego people belong to Logan and he wants to play with them constantly but his brothers are none to willing to let him.  Adding to Logan's birthday list now.

Connor frequently finds his way to our room in the middle of the night to sleep but Connor is big and takes up lots of space so the new rule is if you want to come in that's fine but your space is on the floor.  So far he is quiet content with that.

On the way home from church Sunday they had a pencil race.  They were cheering almost as loud as fans during the Auburn 1 second game.  Quite funny, but not quiet.

School is back and Logan and I were alone all week.  He spent his time waiting for me to exercise fully engrossed in his action figures.  

Day 2 of school and they both made it to the bus.  Success!!

A little crafty time to work on objects for my kitchen gallery wall/command center.  
Pics to come soon.

Connor's Summer Adventure project for school!  

A beautiful sky at the perfect moment.

Morning snuggles from my little Jedi.

Leia (our adopted us kitty) was reminding me one morning that she had not yet been fed.  She's a demanding thing that one.

Logan is going to a 3 year old class three days a week starting next week.  We went on the search for clothes because he's growing like a weed and came across this backpack.  Purchase was necessary.

I'm making an area in our kitchen to hang backpacks and such until Zach can build a mudroom area downstairs.  A fun and useful gallery wall will be there as well and I made this fun sign to add to it.

My two Zacharys on the way to Logi bear's first ever Open House.  Sigh...he's just so big!

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