Friday, August 7, 2015

last day of summer

It finally arrived, as much as I didn't want it too.  The last day of summer was not anxiously awaited for this year.  The weeks had flown by and were very full but not one part of me was ready for regularly scheduled programming and especially not an alarm clock.  Oddly enough however, I usually function better in the routine so the lack of desire to return to it was either a sign of a change of heart or my flesh taking over wanting to keep me from my usual happy place.  Of course most everything works best in balance so I'm sure I can find the answer somewhere in between.

Either way, ready or not, it was here and we spent the last day trying to split between fun finishing and and dutiful preparation.  That morning we made a list of 4 things.  One of them had to be getting our school stuff ready because piles of full target bags had been on my floor for a week and separating it all was an absolute necessity.  The other three were chosen by my three fellas and we successfully finished them off before bedtime arrived.

Goodbye summer, see you next year!

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