Friday, August 28, 2015

phone pic Friday

This was not an all too exciting week.  Lots of just your regular schedule.  Which, honestly is so nice.  It just means we are starting to get into a groove with school, church, and extracurriculars and starting to be more and more at home and less like we're in transition.  Moving, even if just a few miles down the road, is not for the faint of heart!

Last Sunday the boys were up bright and early and got some catching in before church.  Micah is playing fall ball for the first time this year to get ready for his big jump to the next league in the spring and he got a new, bigger glove.  It needs lot of working out!

We've decided that this little one is staying with us and becoming a May.  His name is Obi Wan Kenobi May, or Obi for short.  We still need a home for his sister and I am praying for a good one because she is just so cute and sweet and feisty and is growing on us for sure.

During the Daniel study I'm doing this verse struck me hard.  So often we try and separate the world and God, but this is just out there truth that God IS the world.  He created it, He controls it and no matter what History we learn, He is the one telling the story.  Smack dab in the middle of all those empires struggling for control and dominancy, Daniel tells the most powerful ruler at the time that God is building a Kingdom that won't end.  Jesus is coming.

Some one is having a difficult time transitioning to preschool.  When I say difficult I mean when he is in class He is awesome, friendly, fun, participates, is "so sweet" as his teacher says BUT when it's time to actually get out of the car and go in and clings on for dear life and acts as if he has never been around people in his life.  He is BY FAR the most stubborn child we have, like by a LONG shot.  He can't fool me though.  I know he loves it and I know he is just trying to prove that he's in control but he will not break me.  Even if he is the cutest three year old boy I know.

I got to visit a local awesome grocery store/farmers market/world market with a friend this past week.  I've wanted to go since we moved here 11 years ago but I'm a chicken when it comes to going new places and it finally worked out to go with someone with lots of experience who also happens to love food and cooking as well.  It was great fun :)

I got to check off looking at you tube videos on how to remove minifigure helmets this week.  Very exciting.  Flashes head got stuck on an x wing pilot's body and I tried every tool I could think of.  Finally I hot glued the head on the body, pulled the helmet off, and then pulled the head off and peeled off the hot glue.  Worked great.

Zach and I have both become those people who take pictures and videos of kittens sleeping, playing, wrestling, climbing, etc.  Yeah.  Not sure how that happened but they're just so so cute!

This handsome boy got a haircut.  He wanted it short like Anakin in Star Wars 2 so I cut it short.  Then he immediately looked five and I regretted the decision.  

Fall, you are welcome anytime!

I borrrowed the next pictures from Zach's phone.  Here is Micah and the glove I mentioned.  Zach told him that this was THE glove.  The one he would have forever.  It made him a little sentimental thinking about the time he got his THE glove with his dad way back in the day.  Core memories friends.

And here is a picture of my crazy sweet middle man at breakfast with his daddy.  Things have not been easy breezy with him lately.  Lots of parenting, reminding, learning, building, encouraging, disciplining.  Growing up is hard but totally worth it.  The good thing is he bounces back fast and his smile will melt you every time.

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