Monday, January 11, 2010

movie night

We have had family movie night only twice but after my friend Rachel posted about her latest one it inspired me to slowly start up the tradition (again). I would love to have a weekly family movie night but don't know what night is best. Maybe will have Nomad Movie Night and it will just travel around to different days and plop down when it can! This time it was on a Saturday.

I pulled a 'Jan and Bruce' and had steak for Zach and myself while Micah feasted on ABCs. He didn't seem to mind. Then we skipped bathtime, donned our jammies, and started the movie of the night, UP! It was fantastic!!! By far my favorite Pixar production yet. It was sweet, sorrowful, entertaining, inspirational, heartwarming, hilarious and thought provoking. LOVED IT!! Micah loved it too. So much so that the next morning when he woke up the first thing he said to Zach was, "Daddy that was a goooooo0odd movie!" Yay for movie nights!

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