Saturday, January 16, 2010


Micah has always liked poptarts, I mean most kids do right!? He never really had a favorite flavor. He would eat whatever I brought home, until recently. In our household brown poptarts have become somewhat of an obsession and the reason why is just too too adorable.

About two weeks ago Steph came over during the morning'ish' to hang out with me and the kids. She hadn't eaten breakfast yet so she popped a couple brown sugar poptarts in the toaster oven. Micah might have taken a little bite of hers, but I'm not sure. I of course thought nothing of this because seriously he's seen poptarts, eaten poptarts and seen other people eat them. He on the other hand had some kind of 'ah ha' moment because the next morning as soon as he woke up and I went in his room he said, "mama I want some breakfast. I want a brown poptart like nehnie." This has been going on for almost two weeks except for a few days in between where I ran out of the brown ones. For those days we had to (in Micah's words) "eat a red poptart because we didn't have any brown ones like nehnie."

At the present moment I only have one left. Guess who'll be going to the store tomorrow!


  1. The boy has great taste! They are the only poptarts worth eating, which is why I don't buy them! I would eat them all...

  2. I love that kid. :) Sweet post.

  3. Add a little butter to them and toast them up. Yum Yum!!!

  4. jack loves pop tarts and gets really excited when i open the wrapper :) i feel that i have created a monster!!