Friday, October 8, 2010

17 months

I totally skipped 16 months. I figured that out about a week after so I was going to do a 16 1/4 month post but then I forgot about that and figured I'd just wait until 17. I'm sure he'll forgive me and not hold a grudge!

Connor is a W.I.L.D. man! He runs runs runs, gets into A LOT, and forces himself into whatever Micah is doing, was doing or wants to be doing. He's not too crazy most of the time but he definitely moves through life at a faster pace than big brother. That is when he's not demanding to be held. I never imagined an almost one and a half year old needing to be carried this much. I've started trying to be tough and making him walk from the living room to the kitchen or anywhere in the house by himself but it's not always as easy as it sounds.

He also...

*finally stopped his rooster wake ups. Those 6:15-6:30 days were killing me!
*has all 4 1st year molars and all 4 canine teeth (is there a more sophisticated term for these?) coming in at the same time. He has been having motrin and teething tablets for a bedtime snack frequently!
*loves Thomas the Train and has gotten Micah into it as well.
*still dances to any music anywhere and would prefer you to dance with him. I have to think sometimes before listening to music in the house in case he wants to dance around with me.
*has started hitting and pushing :( He's had to sit in time out and give his brother sorry hugs on an almost daily basis.
*falls and bangs his head, mouth, arm, leg, or other atleast once a day.
*has a lot of new words. no, yes, water, nana, mimi, outside (his version of it is 'yide'), book, spot, choo choo, bike, dance, hide
*can point to his eyes, nose, mouth, head, belly, hands, hair, and feet
*needs a hair cut but I just can't bring myself to do it. The lack of humidity recently takes some of the curl out which just makes it L.O.N.G. I'm going to have to
take him to a real person but want someone who can cut it cutely and not just hack it off!!
*eats lots of different foods. He loves anything involving noodles (hot or cold like in pasta salad), all fruits, vegetables (or at least vegetables I like enough to cook) rice, oatmeal, potatoes, sausage, baked chicken, ham and many others. So far the only things he just doesn't like are chicken nuggets, grits, roast beef or pot roast.


  1. I feel you with the holding thing! There are many times when Leah just wants to be held or carried, and Elias is pretty much only happy when he is sleeping or being held. It makes for very tired arms and a sore back at the end of the day.

  2. So, was Connor going to "drive" mater OFF the couch? Just wondering since it sounds like something he would like to do. Ha-ha.