Sunday, October 31, 2010

gainsville high

Friday night the boys had another high school football experience. Micah had been to a game there before way back in the day but Connor hadn't. It was the last home game that their band would be doing their competition show and since Joel is a senior on their drumline, it was the last chance to watch him march as well.

The boys, of course, loved listening to the bands in the stands and then watching them on the field. It was even more exciting since they knew one of the drummers. Micah's face lit up when we got there and Joel waved to him!

Connor was antsy again in the stands, surprise, surprise, but at their stadium you can pretty much walk anywhere around the field so Linda (Nana) took them on a lot of walks. She also took them down to the field level to watch the band march so they good get a better look.

Our goal is always to make it through half time but tonight we stayed through the third quarter because that's when the band gets to have a break so Micah and Zach hung out with Joel a bit while Connor and I took a walk to watch the ball (game) and chat with Poppy (Tom).

We got home around 11:30 worn out and ready for bed but it was and oh so fun night.

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