Tuesday, October 19, 2010

zoo atlanta

On our break between Gainesville and Enterprise, we took a day just for ourselves. Though we did go to a zoo in Lousiana this summer we wanted to take Micah back and Connor for the first time to Zoo Atlanta to see some of the bigger animals.

We left after Connor's doctor appointment that morning (he'd been running a fever all week) to go to the zoo. The only minor problem was the fact that we had forgotten to put shoes on Micah before we left which he reminded us of as were zooming down the interstate. After a quick stop at the Target off Moreland avenue we were back on the road.

Zach packed us a lunch (yes Zach!) so we picnicked there and then strolled around to see all the animals (some a few times) for the whole afternoon. The weather was cool and the crowds were small so it turned out to be a pretty relaxing afternoon.

I had never been in the parakeet house before. When Micah and I went in we saw quite a few love birds. Two of them were quite...how should I put this...CLOSE. I didn't take a picture of them!

Close encounter during feeding time

Sitting on a dragon

Micah's absolutely favorite!
First trip to zoo in August 2008
Second trip October 2010

interesting overbite!?
team work

Excited about getting to go
Anxiously awaiting the ride

I love when we make a conscience effort to do things with just the four of us. Too often we, and I'm sure you as well, are so wrapped up in the every day or the activities you do with friends and family that your own little family doesn't get as much specialized attention. Then again if we didn't have so many people who loved us that we spent our time with than I probably wouldn't appreciate nearly enough the time I have with just my boys. Crazy how it all works out huh?

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