Wednesday, December 24, 2014

advent 16-20

Day 16 we were supposed to make marshmallow sculptures but the weather was so gorgeous the boys played outside all afternoon and did their Christmas carols concert for Zach.

Day 17 we went Christmas shopping for Zach so no pictures.   Secrets :-)

Day 18 we decorated a roll of brown craft paper with Christmas stamps to use for presents.  We didn't have a lot going on that afternoon so we did our marshmallow sculptures too!

On day 19 Micah and I had his party at school.   I'm his room mom this year so I get to plan the parties.   His teacher and I voted for fun and simple.  We did some fun Christmas rotations and ate brunch.   In the rotations the kids made an ornament,  played charades,  did the gingerbread dice game  (a family fav), Christmas trivia, and made snowman snow poppers (which were a HUGE hit!)

That night we were all supposed to go caroling with church friends and to visit the covington square for their Christmas activities but Connor was diagnosed with the flu that morning so he and I stayed home for a movie night while Zach took the other two.  Connor wanted a Star Wars movie so we picked The Empire Strikes Back.  The snow made it the most Christmassy  ;-)

On Day 20 we had to split up again.   Our good friend Mike Kinnebrew was doing a Christmas concert at our church so I went there with Micah and Zach stayed home and played games with Connor and Logan.

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