Sunday, December 28, 2014

christmas with the cardozas

One of our favorite evenings in Christmas is our dinner and gift exchange with the Cardoza family.  This is a family that we love as family and are so thankful for!  The last few years we have gotten together on Christmas Eve which just makes the tradition more special.  Leslie did a really cute reindeer ornament craft with them, we had a delicious dinner of Prime Rib and yummy sides, got pretty decent pictures of the crazies all together, and exchanged presents.  Zach and Matt got their usual gifts of a big jug of nutella for Zach and scones and coffee for Matt.  We gave William a nerf football and Isabella a pair of leopard print sunglasses and some leaf earrings.  I gave Leslie a blanket scarf and monogrammed jewelry plate that I made and she gave me a beautiful piece of Milkglass that we had seen in an antique store on a shopping trip with church girlfriends.

Such a fun night!

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