Monday, December 8, 2014

the tree

After church last Sunday we headed to Lowes for the tradition choosing of the tree!  We tried the whole cutting one down at a tree farm thing once very early in our marriage and we ended up walking up and down the rows for way too long and then leaving to go buy my favorite frasier fir at Home Depot so ever since we've gone to Lowes (its closer) to pick out our tree.   What's really funny is that earlier in the afternoon a group of girl friends from church were sharing all of our trauma stories from cutting down our own trees.  Seems like it only works out in the movies!

We spent awhile this year trying to choose because Connor was being extra picky but finally we found one we kind of all agreed on and headed out.  Zach tried to get a video of the tree coming home on his go pro but didn't realize it was full until we got home and nothing recorded.  However he did get a series of time lapse photos of us decorating and put that together in a video.  I hope you enjoy it.  Pay close attention to Logan during the video who only broke three ornaments this year!  Score!

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