Sunday, December 28, 2014


Ever since our honeymoon, Zach and I purchase an ornament on all our trips to remember all the great places we go together.  Our tree is more of a eclectic scrapbook than a matching piece of art anyway so they always fit right in! I love having Zach take pictures of the new ones each year so that I can share the memories on here as well.  This year I got smart and saved all of our purchases in a separate bag so that they would be easy to find and photograph.

There's really no better ornament to buy on a trip to Vegas than the one of the iconic sign that welcomes you in.

This past summer when we came to visit my family we took a trip to the Aviation Museum and I saw this pretty thing in the gift shop.  Just a little reminder of my hometown made out of Alabama clay.

Zach took a trip to Denver the week after my birthday and brought back this cute moose.

These cute little birdies weren't from a trip but they are one of my favorites of the year.  A friend was making a lot of items for a handmade sale she was being a vendor at and would always post her creations to ask for suggestions.  When she posted this sweet little red bird I commented that it was adorable and she needed to make a blue one so that I could buy them both and they could be friends on my tree.  Instead she made a blue one and surprised me with both on my birthday.  I love this sweet little birdie friends!

For our 10 year anniversary my husband surprised me with a vow renewal ceremony and a trip to Charleston.  Baskets and other items made of sweetgrass are made by a lot of people from an island off the coast of Charleston so that was the ornament we decided on.  It smells so good!

On our same trip to Vegas we spent a lot of time outside the city the first weekend hiking.  We bought this cute little metal bird while hiking in Red Rock Canyon.

This last one came from our yurting trip near Zach's parents house.  It's really just a patch but I'm planning on making it an ornament by gluing it to a slice of wood.

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