Tuesday, December 9, 2014

advent activities 1-5

We do not do big Santa stuff around here.  It doesn't bother us if the boys believe in Santa right now so we technically don't discourage it but we don't really do anything to encourage it.  Therefore there are no elves sitting on shelves at our house that move or destroy things or tell secrets or whatever it is they do.

  Instead each morning the boys get to open an advent box and inside they find a piece of candy for each of them and an activity for us to do that day.  I never fill the boxes ahead of time because I never really know what the next day may hold.  Our activities range in variety but they are usually all pretty easy and it's a great way to incorporate our typical traditions without getting overwhelmed as well as try a few new fun things each year.

So far we've had a fun time.  Here's what we've done...

Day 1:  Christmas Lists

Day 2:  Hot Chocolate and Christmas stories before bed

Day 3:  Making the "best Christmas snack ever!" 
 a.k.a muddy buddies a.k.a puppy chow a.k.a white trash

Day 4: The Gingerbread Man game

Day 5: Christmas movie night with Arthur's Christmas

If' you've never seen it's pretty funny cartoon and they all British accents which always makes things better in my opinion!

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