Monday, December 15, 2014

advent activities 6-10

Day 6 a very rainy Covington Christmas Parade.  We spent the best portion of that previous week with two boys missing three days of school due to fevers and coughing and this mama spending two days so congested I could barely function.  We woke up to a rainy Saturday morning but after having already promised a parade and finally feeling somewhat normal after four days of yuck we were determined to go.  I am so glad we did.  It wasn't crowded.  We had a fun time with friends and had a fun family time together!

Day 7 was a Christmas party with our church Community group but I didn't take any picture.  We had a Feliz Navidad theme with some yummy enchildadas and some homemade churros stuffed with cream cheese.  I'm not telling how many of those I ate!

Day 8 we made Cheerio bird feeders.  They are really easy and I've been making them since Micah was younger than Logan.  Connor thought it was fun to give the birds (and squirrels) a Christmas present ;)

Day 9 we made gingerbread cottages that I bought on clearance after Christmas last year.  All of them were super in to it.  Logan just wanted to put all the pieces anywhere he wanted including himself, Connor just went with whatever popped into his head, and Micah the oldest rule following fellow painstakingly followed the example picture on the front of the box to make sure he did it exactly 'right'.  They all turned out really cute.

Day 10 was mama needed a milkshake day so we met a friend at Chikfila after school and each of the boys got to pick one thing for snack and mama got a cookies and cream milkshake and didn't share it with anybody!

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  1. I just love chick fil a milkshakes. They are the best! Looks you all have had some fun times this week. That bird feeder idea is so neat!