Thursday, December 18, 2014

christmas lists

The other day Zach had the idea of saving the boys' Christmas lists each year so that we and they can look back when they get older and so that we can remember all the crazy things they think to ask for.  Considering I grew up with a younger brother who asked for a wheelchair every year all the way through high school, I thought it was a great idea!

  Every year since I can remember we have gotten the big toys r us toy catalog and the target toy catalog in the mail.  As soon as Micah was old enough to look at it and since they've always spent time checking them out and wanting all these new things.  For some reason we never got these in the mail this year and I didn't really think anything of it and neither did they since they never asked.  However I noticed, after looking at their lists, that because they didn't have this big catalog of 'you know you want this' staring them in the face everything they asked for came from their own thought and imagination and produced very short lists of simple, and peculiar in some cases, desires.  I actually had to encourage them to put a few more things since I knew we were sharing these lists with a two grandparents and some friends.  I will definitely be testing this phenomenon out again next year!

Micah's list
Books- Sheila the Great, The Long Haul, Captain Underpants:  The attack of the talking toilets
lead pencils and lead
football helmet
Auburn Jersey
Power ranger sword
A big notebook and a pocket notebook

Connor's list (Connor illustrated his entire list)
stuffed cheetah
99 pencils
Auburn Basketball shorts and shirt
Baymax costume
Power Ranger sword
Power Ranger phone
A car you can drive

Logan's list
and as of two days ago lightning mcqueen slippers

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