Monday, October 12, 2015

catching air

 There was a random day off last Monday for a teacher work day and while I most definitely was looking forward to an alarm free day, I wasn't quite looking forward to figuring out what to do with three energy filled boys on yet ANOTHER rainy day.

Fortunately they came up with a brilliant plan on their own so off we went to Catch Air Snellville for a very energy burning 5 hours!  Catch Air is a indoor inflatable playground geared towards younger children.  We've been once before and this time was just as fun and more.

I sat in this colorful room with shrieks of childhood joy all around and the occasional upset cry and watched three brothers run and play.  With one eye on my book and the other on my babes, I lifted up thanks to the one who created these three and the blessing they are to each other and Zach and me. 

 Any day can be full of trying moments after joyous ones and back again.  It's the norm, as they say.  This day was no different other than the fact that I was keenly aware of the joyous ones and watched and felt them to their fullest and gave thanks to the One they came from.  Feeling joy comes directly from professing thankfulness.  As I tell my boys often, and in turn remind myself, if you focus on what you don't have you always be sad and wanting more, but if you instead think about what you do have you will always find joy in what you've been given.  Some days that takes intense prayer and concentration as everything seems as if it's the worst it could be and at others it takes merely looking outside yourself and around, taking in what is right in front of you, but either way you will find it right there because it never left.  The inexpressible and glorious joy.

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