Saturday, October 3, 2015

phone pic friday

on a Saturday this time so atleast that's closer!

I had one project left from my craft sale back in April that I needed to complete.  Thankfully it was for a very patient person who understands that moving, even if just a few miles away, is way more overwhelming than one might think.

I looked over at Logan while we were waiting in the preschool drop off line and saw this.  At first he said he was just resting.  Then he said he wanted to make sure no one could get in.  He's a nut!

We've had one day of sun in the past 9 days and enjoyed it so much!  Micah has had four games rained out in this short fall ball season but this one was underneath a beautiful sunset sky that was much appreciated.

It's October!!  September is not my favorite for many reasons that are not necessary to go into but October.  October is the epitome of Fallish beauty and I love it!

We were in block building moods this week and like everything else in my life they connected it to Star Wars.  Micah built the inside of the Death Star, Connor built the the ship hanger at Naboo, and Logan built (with some help from me) Anakin's neighborhood in Tattooine.

I received a package with six tea towels I ordered to use as cafe curtains in the dining room and a blank notebook I ordered from Amazon for my prayer journal as my other one was all filled up.  I spent a week without a notebook because I kept forgetting to order it and I can only use this kind.  It comes with 8 different colored sections so that I have one for each day and a bonus for extra thoughts/scriptures/etc.  I'm a little OCD when it comes to my notebooks :)

Love this above shot of my little Schroeder.  He is practicing Darth Vadar's theme song.

October means Halloweenish inspired movies for movie night.  Our first Friday in October was a double feature of Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein and our personal favorite Curious George Halloween Boo Fest.  Zach was going to be playing music at our church's youth retreat so we started the movies early and had finger foods for dinner.  

Everyday I needed to be reminded that when my eyes are on Christ there's peace in my heart so I stare at my foot where that reminder will always be and I ask for forgiveness for my constant forgetfulness and thank Him for the peace He brings.

On my nightstand sits a book that my sons love and that my sweet Connor asked me to read.  Every time that answer will be yes.

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