Tuesday, October 20, 2015

more pumpkin fun

Field trip number two of the week was visiting the pumpkin patch at First Methodist Covington.  This was the fourth time I've attended this trip with either Micah or Connor so I thought I knew it well.

 They switched it up this year and instead of playing carnival games did some different pumpkin stations.  There was a pumpkin life cycle station where you could also taste a pumpkin seed.  There was a fall sensory bin station with blue sand and lots of fall things you could bury and find.  There was a pumpkin ring toss station and another one where you could hammer golf teas into a pumpkin with a mallet.  The last one was a math and science station where the kids could test to see if pumpkins float or sink and measure the height and circumference of different pumpkins.

Before we left each child got to pick out a little pumpkin and watch a pumpkin video.  On the way home I held hands with my middle man, made plans to eat lunch at school soon and got to know a couple of new moms of kids in his class.  All good things!

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