Thursday, October 15, 2015

plus one

Another beautiful Zoo Day with friends.  I'll be sad when the day comes where this isn't our go to spot for an outing!  This was one of my favorite trips.  The weather was gorgeous, the animals were out and feisty, the kids played great together, my friend and I had some great, deep conversations, and we brought Logan's best gal pal with us.

Logan and Ella talked NON STOP the whole drive there and the whole drive back.  They are 3 and almost 4 and this was the first time I had been with them both alone since their communication skills and vocabulary has boomed.  I couldn't follow the conversation very well but they had no trouble with that at all.  Cute Cute Cute!

As for the zoo time the fun things this visit were seeing baby flamingos.  They are gray and fluffy and adorable!  And watching the 4 kiddos play "spy" at lunch while Courtney and I chatted.  They seriously spent 20 minutes hiding behind skinny trees and climbing on a wooden box and thought it was the best ever.  Oh to have the mind of a child at times.

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