Friday, October 2, 2015

transportation day

 Last Friday was transportation day at preschool and since I host a women's bible study on Friday mornings and Zach works from home he was planning on going with Logan to check out all the cool vehicles.  Daddies are pretty much the perfect partner for this outing due to the fact that Zach probably said 'be careful!' zero times and my quota for the week would have been uttered in that one hour.  Logan was also just beyond excited that his was coming to school to hang out with him.  However it was raining, and had been raining for 2 days, it's actually still raining and has been every day since except for a brief relief on Sunday and actual sun on Wednesday which means it's more or less been raining for 8 consecutive days, but who's counting.  

 We were afraid the rain would cause the event to be cancelled but they powered through the drizzle and there was a little boy who was pumped to say the least.  He and Zach saw a tractor, excavator, fire truck, ambulance, crane, motorcycle, golf cart, bulldozer, dump truck and others.  He came home full of stories about all the transportations he saw and every day since has told me where everything was parked whenever we enter the parking lot for drop off.

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