Tuesday, October 20, 2015

zoo day

Fall break has arrived and the lack of using an alarm has put a smile on my face each morning.  Instead my alarm has been a blond boy in search of breakfast, they're hungry all the time but most assuredly five seconds after waking up.

Since Micah and Connor only get to go to the zoo in the summer, because mama isn't crazy enough to go on Saturdays, our first day of break was a zoo day.  The zoo was all decorated for Halloween so along with the animals we saw many an inflatable spider and a lot of funny monsters.  

The highlights of this visit were...
*the slow pace.  We meandered and it was amazing!
*Sequoyah the new bald eagle
*watching the elephants break bamboo like it was nothing
*the panda scratching her booty on a stump
*learning giraffe facts
*the gorillas and all there hilarity
* shoving my kids in a wind tunnel, I mean letting them try the winds of Africa thing.
*Connor getting to climb the canopy
*Micah on the rock wall

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  1. We don't have fall break so that sounds really nice.