Tuesday, October 20, 2015

mitcham farm

Since Micah was a wee toddler our go to farm for fun fall activities had been Southern Belle in McDonough.  It's a great fun place.  However since our move to Oxford that makes that drive a solid half hour plus.  Not terrible in the least as driving doesn't deter us from fun with friends, but since all our Saturdays are booked with something from now until the end of the year (crazy but true) making that drive on a Friday evening didn't leave much time for fun.

Instead we changed up the tradition this year and visited a smaller farm five minutes corn the road.  It was much smaller, but intimate is, well, intimate, and they had THE BEST slide ever.  Seriously so fun.  

We had a truly fantastic evening sliding, roping, corn mazing, jumping, hayriding and bon firing.  It was one of those evenings that enjoying my family and friends was the only thing on my mind.  Except maybe not peeing on myself as I proved that I could still do a toe touch.

Thank you Micham Farms for a truly wonderful evening.

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