Saturday, October 31, 2015

chattanooga: lookout mountain

During the boys' fall break last week we were able to get away for a few days.  Thanks to a hotel voucher that Zach won at a Braves game a couple years ago, we stayed at the Read House Hotel near downtown Chattanooga.  We pulled into town around eight wednesday night and went straight to bed to get ready for our massively packed Thursday.  Seriously, we accomplished a lot of Chattanooga.

First stop was a fun, delicious, diner breakfast where Connor did his best Leslie Knope impression by eating a gigantic waffle covered in whip cream.  Then we took a trip up Lookout Mountain on the Incline Railway.  I was a little nervous about how the boys/me would handle the extremely steep ride up.  They loved every second of it and when we got to the top were amazed that we were above the clouds.  Seriously, we could see the top of the clouds and it was pretty fantastic.

Before riding back down we walked a couple of blocks, gawked at the insanely gorgeous homes on the edge of the mountain, and visited Pointe Park.  There were some really pretty overlooks of the river and the city.  Plus they had cannons so the boys were pretty occupied for awhile.  

After lunch we spent the afternoon geocaching, playground playing, and finding a natural bridge before heading back to the hotel for much needed rest and then riding the electric shuttle to dinner.  

I absolutely love the mix of special and ordinary.  Doing cool new things in familiar places and do ordinary things in new places.  This was a fantastic day with my fellas.  

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