Monday, October 5, 2015

jedi at the park

Last Thursday it was of course raining so I planned an indoor adventure for Logan and I.  The local bouncy place as we call them is usually open on Thursday at 10 am so after a quick double check of the time online we headed over.  Unfortunately a large sign on the door had new season hours posted and they did not include the hour in which we were in.  Bummer!

After a desperate thought process of what to do that did not involve the chickfila playground because as much as I love it I did NOT need to be tempted eating something I didn't need to eat or spending money I didn't need to spend we went to a park that was only a few minutes away.

We've been to Lake Varner a couple times and even took our family pictures there last year.  Its a very fun, pretty and peaceful place but it had been almost a year since our last visit and we were very excited to see that a new playground had been installed.  With storm clouds looming above us Logan and I spent a very fun couple of hours playing on the new playground, climbing on rocks by the Lake and even finding the remains of some poor creature who had been eaten sometime ago.  It was a very fun Plan B that was even better than the Plan A would have been.

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